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Poster: bullie89 Date: Jun 4, 2012 3:23pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: The Scarlet Letter has been claimed

I am always polite when I dispute. I explained that the version of the film they are claiming has been vastly improved by The Video Cellar and that you could copyright it if you want to. In short, it is not the noisy and hard to watch film that they have. They know full well what I am saying is valid. I don't know why these people hold on to their claims when they are not making a cent on the plays.

Regarding music, that is a nightmare. EMI claimed something from a Robert Wagner film called Beneath the 12 Mile Reef. EMI does not need to do that. Warner Brothers released their claim to some music in 'Life with Father' instantly when I said I was sure they most likely held the copyright, but could I please keep the film on my channel. Go Digital is the worst! They reinstated their claim for another month. They cannot be contacted unless they add you as a contact! What is the point? Music Publishing Rights Society is something I researched and they are not a valid company. If they don't make anything when they are disputed, then why do they put themselves at risk? Independent Musicians were having their music claimed by that. Where is the RIAA when the musicians need them? Those artists are pooling their funds for a legal action.

I am amazed at the work that you do. I just wish that all of the restored films were in the Public Domain. I know you have improved them but they do not appear in the main section of the archive and there is no corresponding video on the IMDB. Well, I guess one can't have all they wish for!

I am now addicted to the films that you restore. I wait around to see when a film that is still poor quality (such as Becky Sharp was) to post until you have had the time to restore it! :)

Thanks for the pointers, they are greatly appreciated.